!Alpha: the new project title

!Alpha will be the final title for the new project. I want to give a big special thank you to Guillermo Obispo, as the title came from him. I’m adding, additionally, a suggestive icon around the main plot of the book ;)  

!Alfa: el título del nuevo proyecto.

!Alfa será el título definitivo del nuevo proyecto en el que estoy trabajando. Quiero darle un agradecimiento especial a Guillermo Obispo, porque el título es suyo. Añado, además, un icono sugerente sobre la temática principal del libro ;)  

“El sanatorio de muñecos” has been published!

My new short story, “El sanatario de muñecos” has been published in Amazon: Here you can read a brief summary in Spanish: “Erika quiere ayudar a su más querida amiga Lola. Pero “El sanatorio de muñecos”, el hospital donde podrían haber obrado el milagro, ha cerrado aparentemente para no volver a abrir. Lanzándose a lo…

An iron destiny is PUBLISHED

Thanks to everyone who made it possible :) Here you’ve a link to access the book in Amazon for many countries:  

An iron destiny: synopsis (release 0.1.1)

Here you have a tentative synopsis for the first book of the saga, “The war of the two worlds”: An iron destiny. Comments will be really appreciated. ENGLISH: “Joab García Emergui is back in Madrid after a long period living in Tanzania. The come back home is becoming boring, moreover after the slowdown in his…

About the Annals of the Four Masters

When reading materials for my books and looking for documentation to improve context, locations and historical background, I faced a complex question: what do I want to do with History (note the capital h on history). If I have to be strict and adhere to History with no twists or drifts, I may face dead…

A new start

Why I decided to start this website is what I’m trying to explain right now. The why is really important for me, because it has to be with the who, when, where and how around Jon Eldritch. Of course, Jon Eldritch is not my real name, is just a nom de plume (pen name) to…