A new start

Why I decided to start this website is what I’m trying to explain right now. The why is really important for me, because it has to be with the who, when, where and how around Jon Eldritch.

Of course, Jon Eldritch is not my real name, is just a nom de plume (pen name) to hide behind. And this is part of the who, the how, and the why. I don’t want to become a new Shakespeare nor a new Cervantes. Because I’m not interested in doing so (and I can promise I have a lot years to develop my writing skills before even thinking on this arrogance).


What I really want is to write about histories. I will feel extremely glad if someone in the future describes me as a Storyteller, but it may or may not happen. What I can promise will happen is that I will tell some stories. So this is my internal why: I want to tell stories.

And one of the stories is about the who. If I use my real name for my books, they will tell a slightly different story. Jon Eldritch is part of the how I want the stories to be read. So the who, is part of the how (and together part of the why). When and where? Now. And here, of course.

So thank you for following the Jon Eldritch story.

The books photo was taken from:


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