cropped-annals_low-634x4751.jpgThis web is a place to interact with Jon Eldritch, the author. You can find an Amazon author page for Jon here.

Here you will find articles, photos, ideas and thoughts that are shared through the blog. Most of the time, post will turn around documentation, mythology or today events, because sometimes the best ideas improve in your mind after telling someone — you —, about what was originally in your brain.

And yes, here you will find news and information about books, publishing dates and so on. But I’m more interested in getting your feedback about all these crazy dreams (or nightmares) I’m trying to build on.

But when we said interact, we mean it: you can change the way stories are to be told, the evolution of characters or the plotline events. You do have a shop, where you can purchase characters if you want them to be included in a book — maybe yourself, maybe your son, daughter or lovely partner —, locations like cities, businesses, pubs or bars, artifacts (for example this magical ring you got from your grandmother). You can even build an entire plotline around yourself if you want!

Take a look at the store when it’s opened (not yet).

build an entire plotline around yourself if you want!

So, thanks for being here. Thanks for being curious. THANKS for reading my books.

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