The mighty island of Ireland. With names like Ériu — in Gaeilge Ársa (old irish, paleoirish), the name of the goddess from the Tuatha dé Dannan that takes care of this land —, Erin, Iverni, Éire or Hibernia (as the title of this post). This post withour any order, nor structure, is to paint some ideas about Éire.


What surprising stories behind the history of this island. In the Leabhar Ghabhála Érenn (“The book of invasions”) we can find a mythological (fantastic mainly) view of the different cultures that arrived beginning in the Age of Bronze, or maybe in the Iron Age. It is not clear when the celtic cultures started to spread on Éire, and most of the theories get no support from evidences (archaeological). So common (and traditional) view tend to take basis from the Book of Invasions. So, in one word: Mythology.

Éirinn go Brách (“Ireland forever”)

The Ogham alphabet (maybe1st century before Christ) seems to be based on greek symbols, taken from what was current in northern Italy. Again the myth has an explanation: the god Oghma, another one from the Tuatha dé Dannan, created the alphabet.


And all these extraordinary stories and legends about the Fianna, Ossian, Fionn, even Arthur and the Calad Bolg (Excalibur). An island, plenty of opportunity for storytellers.

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